#38 - Aron Levitz, General Manager of Wattpad Studios

#38 - Aron Levitz, General Manager of Wattpad Studios. Engineer turned Movie Producer, following his North Star of Media and Tech.

Join in for a conversation with Aron Levitz, the general manager of Wattpad Studios. How can I explain Aron? Simply put he is a person who went from dreaming about designing Ferraris to producing movies. A mechanical engineer by trade, he quickly pivoted from automobiles to fuel cell technology. A job he got while playing beach volleyball. Fast forward that to working at a trivia startup in the mid 2000s and making partnerships with NBC to stream the olympics to being let go from a dream job and finding his way to creating the Spotify equivalent at Blackberry and acquiring media content. This just became the start of his media journey as he now produces live action movies for the largest social network in the world for fiction writers. This was a fascinating story of someone following his north star of media and technology.  

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