#39 - Larry Lau, Founder of Eighty8 Ventures

#39 - Larry Lau, Founder of Eighty8 Ventures. Building a venture studio, marketing agency and angel investing

Join in for a conversation with Larry Lau, the Founder of Eighty8 Ventures. Eighty8 Ventures is a venture studio in Toronto and London that helps entrepreneurs build digital products with the help of an in-house development team. Though he runs a venture studio that develops technical products, Larry started out as an entrepreneur in digital marketing. His foray in entrepreneurship began with building a globally ranked top Pokemon community site that later got acquired by IGN. Yet, he didn't pursue his next venture till much later after graduating after nearly getting kicked out of university with a medical science dream left in the past. Since then, he built a marketing agency became of an angel investor and venture founder who is focused on helping startups and creating brands. This was an extremely fun episode and given how gangster this guy is, we weren't able to cover his full story so I may have to have him come on again in the near future but until then please enjoy my fun chat with Larry Lau.

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