Thanks for coming to this page! Always happy to hear from the community!

I would appreciate it if you could follow these guidelines to help me out so I can help you!

Please use one of the following Subject Titles as a method of reaching out:

  • Question Submission for Podcast: Accounted For

    • For questions on careers, systems, and personal development. Please be specific in regards to the question and brief on the context for the question as well. If you’d like me to use a pseudonym then please say so. I will read out the question in an AMA episode for Accounted For.

  • Conversation Request for Podcast: Accounted For

    • As a spin-off of the introspection program I ran this would be a 2-3 hour conversation with me where we talk about you. The entire focus is to help you find some kind of direction for your career or life in general. The conversation will be in-person at my studio and recorded and will be available for the stakeholders who donate to OMD Ventures. Your voice will be edited to make you anonymous like in past anonymous series episodes. This is a fun pilot project for me to help the community directly and indirectly. If you’re interested then please write what kind of conversation you’d like to have and some context as to who you are, your current journey etc.. More details the better here.

  • General Partnership

    • If you’re interested in working with me then please use this channel with a description of your proposal/idea.

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