#42 - Sagar Malhi, Co-founder of Switchboard

#42 - Sagar Malhi, Co-founder of Switchboard. Y-Combinator, financial engineering, and choosing entrepreneurship in fleet management over lucrative jobs in software and hardware.

Join in for a conversation with Sagar Malhi, Co-Founder of Switchboard. Talk about a flashback to the past! Sagar and I went to high school together and re-connected for the first time in nine years last Christmas. Sagar and the Switchboard team had just been admitted to the esteem start-up incubator, Y-combinator, and he connected in Toronto after his three months in San Francisco to dive through his journey. Sagar's entrepreneurial journey started right after university after working in top tech firms like Apple, Intel and Blackberry. We talk about the role of a hardware vs. software engineer, the decision to not pursue a lucrative career in the big tech firms, his short romance for wall street's quant trading world and the trials and tribulations of building a start-up pre and post Y-Combinator.