#41 - Marlon Rodrigues, Head of Product at Flexday

#41 - Marlon Rodrigues, Head of Product at Flexday. From Operating a Hostel in Peru to 10 Years of Chasing Curiosity in Startups in Marketing, BizDev, Product and Entrepreneurship.

Join in for a conversation with Marlon Rodrigues, Head of Product at Flexday. If you heard Justin Raymond, Founder of Flexday on episode 19 then you'll be very familiar with the company. If you haven't, then fret not as this is about Marlon's unique journey and we give an overview of the company here too. Marlon's journey traverses through the world of marketing, business development and product throughout a decade in Toronto's start up ecosystem. But, we start earlier to how he delayed graduation to explore accounting then to operating a hostel in a remote region of Peru without knowing a word of Spanish. This became an inflection point that catapulted Marlon into the start up world but this was still a 10 year journey of him following his curiosity and embracing the uncertainty and the feeling of not knowing exactly what he wanted to do. It's a feeling I know all too well and one I think everyone experiences but is afraid to be okay with. Maybe after hearing Marlon's story you will change your mind or if you're going through it now, maybe you'll feel the comfort I felt.