#45 - Norm Cappell, Co-Founder of Savvyy

#45 - Norm Cappell, Co-founder of Savvyy. From English Lit, Harvard Law, Wall Street, Surviving 3 Economic Crisis to Building Fintech Companies.

Join in for a conversation with Norm Cappell, Co-Founder of Savvyy. Savvyy is a fintech company based in Toronto that is building a digital lending platform. So how does one go from studying English literature to Harvard Law School, capital markets law, investment banking and to building a fintech company? Well, if it includes losing out on a law job in San Fran because of the bursting of the dot com bubble, losing a job in investment banking because of 9/11, breaking into investment banking again only at the top of the real estate bubble to then take a 80% pay cut to join a fintech startup then this is the story you want to hear. Norm has had a fascinating career journey and we go deeper into the world of debt finance and corporate law to educate my own limited knowledge of the realm. It's a journey that spans multiple countries, career fields and economic events and one I hope you enjoy.