#46 - Marc Champagne, Co-Founder of Kyo

#46 - Marc Champagne, Co-Founder of Kyo. From Big Pharma to Mental Fitness and Building a Wellness App to Help People Reflect

Join in for a conversation with Marc Champagne, Co-Founder of Kyo. Kyo is a wellness company based in Toronto. It's currently an app that provides prompts to help you with your mental fitness, a simple way I think about it is as a live, digital journal. Marc also has a podcast called Kyo Conversations where he and his guest explore the impact of mental fitness in their lives. I'm a big believer in the mind and body connection and just as much as I'm obsessed with my powerlifting training I am also obsessed with my mental training as well. So needless to say, I was very excited to chat with Marc. You might wonder whether Marc's career started in a spiritual field but it actually started in the world of pharmaceutical drugs. After a decade in the big pharma industry, Marc decided to take the leap with his brother-in-law to "scratch his own itch" by transforming his own 10 years of journaling practices into Kyo. Turns out, being a product manager of mental health drugs can prepare you well to be an app launching entrepreneur as Kyo continues to be a globally ranked top app with influencer content from people like Kevin Rose and Leo Babauta. This was a fun and exciting conversation into Marc's journey of creating a wellness company and I came out of it with personal mindfulness practices for myself and some more perspectives.