#36 - Jason Zan, Fractional CFO of 4 Startups

#36 - Jason Zan, Fractional CFO of 4 Startups: 20 years as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and CFO to find his sweet spot

Join in for a conversation with Jason Zan, the fractional CFO of 4 startup companies. Jason has had more than a decade's experience in Toronto's tech ecosystem starting in the hot 90s period where he started a website agency to then starting a global voip, voice-over internet protocol, company. In between his entrepreneurial ventures Jason and I quote him "ping-pong'd" from being an early stage venture capital investor to being the CFO of early stage startups. Despite being a CFO he does not have an accounting background and we talk about how the CFO role is evolving and its not just for the traditional accountant. We also talk about entrepreneurship, how raising money isn't success, what the 3 duties of the CEO are and how after his 3rd foray into VC helped him figure out he wanted to be a CFO.