Internal People Development

Building Systems For a High Performing Organization

For Leaders Who:

  • Intrinsically believe investing in people is the no.1 priority. You have systems to improve human performance but want to take it to the next level.

  • Are in it to play the long game. Creating a company that will last decades. Mission-driven and not a mercenary.

  • Are patient investors. This isn’t about a guaranteed 30% boost in a KPI. It’s an investment in a compounding system with unlimited upside at guaranteed cost.

Why It Matters To You

People are your greatest asset and the source of your sustainable competitive advantage. The success of the organization (i.e. ROI, Lives Improved, Sales) will be a by-product of investing in people.

An organization must earn the trust and loyalty of its people. This begins by investing in the individual success of its people and constructing an environment that will set them up for success. Only then will its employees have the mental capacity to help the organization thrive.

Development of talent is the first step to stronger retention. Stronger retention means increased loyalty and that will lead to stronger attraction of talent. There is no better attractor of talent than the buy-in of people you trust.

In-House Specialist Approach

The leaders set the tone for their culture. I come in to execute on the people development front. Building systems in the individual and organizational level.

There are two approaches to build systems for people development. One is an intimate 1-on-1 coaching session focused on helping individuals design systems to unlock their own potential. Another is to work with leaders to design systems to build a utopian organization. An environment that enables everyone to succeed by building in safety and trust as a foundation.

I operate as an external third party to earn the trust of employees and their leaders. However, I believe true work worth doing requires focused long-term investment. This means I plan to operate as a long-term partner with exclusive to one or two organizations.

Performance Coaching

Value Proposition

How It Works

  • 1-on-1 with anyone from executives, staffs to interns

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly for as long as 3 months to years based on what they need help with.

Experience with High Performance Systems

  • Wealth System: Transitioned from top accounting firm to top management consulting firm to nation’s top hedge fund managing $60Bn within 4 years

  • Wisdom System: Daily learning and reading system. Accelerated learning in accounting (4 yrs experience to 1 yr), consulting (most diverse and fastest promotion) and investing ($500M deployed globally within 6 months).

  • Health System: From fat and unathletic to 2x world records and world champion in powerlifting. Strength coach for Varsity Volleyball + Football Teams

Organization Design

Value Proposition

  • Build systems to create environment where employees think and act like owners (incl. hiring, interviewing, effective meetings, compensation, feedback method, org. structure).

  • Allocator of human capital to help get the right person in the right role.

How It Works

  • Utilize baseline data (i.e collected from my coaching or existing source) to identify weaknesses in current people processes.

  • Deploy process in team environment, collect rapid feedback, iterate, redeploy to larger scale and repeat process with weekly meeting with stakeholders.

Experience with Utopian Systems

  • Combining long-term investor mindset of compounding businesses with people development focus. Analyzed 100+ companies in 15+ countries

  • Research papers on quantifying Return on People (applauded by Prof. Dan Ariely and Stephen Shedletzky of Simon Sinek Inc.) and Motivational Factors in High Performers

  • Rare knowledge of business cycle as auditor, management consultant and investor. Life dedicated to learning and investing in generational businesses

Why Me?

Aside from the fact that I care so much about this to go through the most difficult journey of my life, here are some reasons why you’d care to choose me over another.

  • Disciplined and Systematic: Designing systems to create an environment to succeed in his my forte. Here is my current system. Whether it's waking up at 4:30am, being a solopreneur, building relationships with 100s of people, achieving peak performance in the top firms in accounting, consulting, investing and athletics it was all through creating systems that worked for me.

  • Nontraditional and Challenging Conventions: Questioning old rules allowed me to redesign what financial freedom meant for me, how I owned time, established lasting relationships, and crafted the career I wasn't qualified for but wanted. I continue to spend every day thinking of ways to redefine and elevate the status quo.

  • Experiential Empathy: Lived in 6 cities and traveled to 35+. Interviewed 150+ professionals from global public company CEOs to startup entrepreneurs as a coach, investor and podcast host. Oh, and I’m a 1st generation minority millennial.

To learn more about me who am I am you can check out here


Partnership: In-house employee or independent contractor

Incentive alignment: I will re-invest major portions of the payment into the company’s equity pool if permitted.

Commitment Level: Full-Time (1 company limit) or Half-Time (2 company limit)

Pricing: Variable based on Approach (one or both) + Commitment Level (Full-Time or Half-Time) + Duration

Past Engagements

  • CultureTech SaaS Company: Designed 10-week program to create effective meeting processes for teams in Fortune 500 companies.

Next Steps

If interested, please contact me to set up an exploratory meeting with the subject line: “Consulting - <Company Name>”.