Introspection Coaching

A radical self-inquiry program for professionals. If you are representing an organization please see the consulting page.

This is for individuals who self-identify as or aspire to be:

  • Growth-Minded: Intellectually curious, humble, open-minded. Not a know-it-all asshole.

  • Honest: Say it like it is. Be upfront with me.

  • Integrity: Don't fuck with me.

  • Invest for the Long-Term: This won't be cheap, it won't be instant and I don't tell you the answers to your problems. 

It'll save us both time and effort if we parted ways immediately because I don't waste time with uncoachable people.

Why It Matters To You

I believe everyone is on a journey to be wealthy, healthy and wise in their own respective definition. I believe an important part of this journey is to make the time to uncover the beliefs and programs that make you tick. Whether you wish to change it or double-down on it, neither can be accomplished without learning about it.

It's so you can answer the questions of: Who am I, Where am I, Where do I want to go?

Because you don't believe in just "winging" life. Because you don't believe in walking aimlessly and being a reactive person to the world. You've lived a life where a lot of your decisions were driven by the perception of others. Maybe even internal passions. But you've come to question it all and you've come to realize that you want to invest time and effort to learn more about you.

Program Structure

I'm not going to tell you the answers. I'm not going to be pushing you from behind nor pulling you from the front. I'll be standing beside you and we'll embark on the journey together as partners. I believe you have the answers to your questions deep down and I am here to help you uncover them through the use of systems and conversations.

  • Duration: 6-8 week period

  • Weekly 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching with me (in person or virtual based on location)

  • Daily journal activity + feedback gathering by coachee

  • Limitation of spots: Soft close at 5 individuals

Why Me?

Aside from the fact that I care so much about this to go through the most difficult journey of my life, here are some reasons why you’d care to choose me over another.

  • Disciplined and Systematic: Designing systems to create an environment to succeed in his my forte. Here is my current system. Whether it's waking up at 4:30am, being a solopreneur, building relationships with 100s of people, achieving peak performance in the top firms in accounting, consulting, investing and athletics it was all through creating systems that worked for me.

  • Challenging Conventions: Questioning old rules allowed me to redesign what financial freedom meant for me, how I owned time, established lasting relationships, and crafted the career I wasn't qualified for but wanted. I continue to spend every day thinking of ways to redefine and elevate the status quo.

  • Experiential Empathy: Lived in 6 cities and traveled to 35+. Audited, consulted, and/or invested in 50+ companies in 15+ countries. Interviewed 150+ professionals from global public company CEOs to startup entrepreneurs as a coach, investor and podcast host. Oh, and I’m a 1st generation minority millennial.

To learn more about me who am I am you can check out here

Occupation of past coachees: Product Designer, Software Engineer, Management Consultant, Business Operations, Quantitative Trader, Accountant


It's pricey. If you can't think of it as an investment you won't be able to stomach it. If you are lucky enough to work in an organization that has a 'learning/development allowance' this may be subsidized by that. Either way, you best be willing to pay the price of a solid laptop. 

Next Steps

Contact Me with the Following:

  • Link to Resume (doesn't need to be job quality, I just want an idea of your journey)

  • Answer to: Why would you like coaching? 

Upon reviewing your inquiry we will have an introductory chat to assess fit for each other.