Vision for OMDV

A business that creates ecosystems where people are inspired to be unconventional.

The vision is to be the home to dozens of utopias. Individually unique companies that share the characteristics of being wonderful businesses that prosper from investing and developing their greatest asset: People. I believe businesses have a greater influence over an individual's life than countries do. I also believe an environment is crucial to how an individual grows or doesn't. The hope is that the individuals who work in one of these utopian companies will have an environment to not only help their respective company but society at large.

OMDV will be the home to a number of unique utopian companies with their own culture. Some may already be amazing before investment and some may become amazing after I partner up with leaders of the right temperament. I see beauty in small businesses that can maximize its capabilities with the smallest number of people. This may lead to a bias towards such 'small giants' but I believe that is where people and organization can shine the most and take root.

The idea is to grow the media business so that it can generate cash flow I can re-allocate to invest in businesses. However, if permanent and patient equity presents itself through the journey of OMDV, I may consider utilizing outside capital.

The vision is an amalgamated inspiration from: Berkshire Hathaway, Semco,, Tiny Capital, Basecamp, Y-Combinator,, Farnam Street.

Home for Wonderful, Utopian Companies.

  • Businesses that achieve scale through the use of modern leverage (i.e. code, media, capital). Think non-linear output per set input.

  • Small, profitable businesses with purposeful growth on the path to dominating a niche. I don't care for unicorns.

  • Sustainable competitive advantage are the people.

  • Management team with a long term horizon and propensity to challenge conventions.

Partner to Unconventional Leaders.

  • I'm a partner and owner regardless of majority or minority stake

  • Will not interfere with management's operation of the business. I wouldn't have invested if I didn't trust the management

  • My contribution, if asked for, will be in helping design and build an organization for optimal human performance

As I learn and experience more, this vision may shift. However, I do not believe the core of it to change. It's also not something I plan to rush into but take my time with the assumption that I will be around forever to make it come to fruition.