This Week I Learned #61

Go to bed smarter than when you woke up
— Charlie Munger


  • Book: Art of Learning by J. Wairzkin: Building triggers to get into high-performance zone. Understanding how……..


  • Learnings from Eric Weinstein on the Joe Rogan podcast. 1) The idea of portals in children's tales. Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz etc.. are all stories made for children with a theme of entering a magical new world through a portal (i.e. platform 9 3/4, the wardrobe, the rabbit hole, the tornado). It's as if the creators of such stories had…….


  • Conversation with a venture capitalist on gut feelings about entrepreneurs. I've met a large number of entrepreneurs and I asked a VC what his experience was…..


  • Conversation with an entrepreneur in the mortgage industry. Though many people go to banks or various lenders to get their mortgage, I learned……….


  • Conversation with an entrepreneur on terminations. When making her first 'executive' team member termination the entrepreneur decided to..


  • “Much of the stress …………” - David Allen


  • Book: Skin in the Game by N.Taleb: "Decentralization is based on the simple notion that it is easier to macrobullshit than microbullshit………….