This Week I Learned #45

“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up”
— Charlie Munger


  • Brian Singerman of Peter Thiel's Founders Fund interview on Invest like the Best podcast. I loved learning about how he is not a founder but still an all star investor. Many top VCs are not founders and that being a requirement can actually create blindspots for skills that are not necessarily transferable. He also is a gut driven investor who doesn't pay much attention to financials and quant metrics. This is another refreshing insight from a world that is obsessed with data porn as if a lot of numbers and data really can make a difference in a job that is all about investing in people.  He develops judgment by investing a lot and looking at a a lot of companies. That's how you become a better investor. You invest a lot.


  • Tim Ferriss interview with Eric Schmidt of Google. Learned about the existence of Bill Campbell. The coach to Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Marissa Mayer, Jeff Bezos and many other titans of industry. He sat on the boards of some of these tech giants and he coached all these individuals for free. He's motto was "I don't take money, I don't take stock and I don't take shit.". Bill approached every problem not with a business strategy but by thinking of which people to allocate to tackle that problem. It's always inspiring to learn about someone doing something I hope to do and learning about Bill's existence made me extremely happy.


  • "If you're not different from who you were 12 months ago, you didn't learn enough." - Alain De Button


  • "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - Albert Einstein


  • “I would say my biggest learning is it’s probably more people than I ever thought…I probably thought originally it was 70% people and now I think it’s 98% people” - Chris Dixon of Andressen Horowitz on what factors determine investment success. A fascinating podcast interview on Shane Parrish's Knowledge Project.




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