This Week I Learned #42

“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up”
— Charlie Munger




  • Wealthy: Controlling your brand. I spoke with the head of people at a tech company and learned despite the individual's prominence in the tech world the individual also had a DJ career prior to. The executive was a DJ at Miami's Ultra Music Festival, Burning Man and most of the big clubs in Canada. Yet the person hid it on their Linkedin profile to not get branded as a "party" person who would be used to just plan for events for a company. Instead, the executive wanted to be known for their strategy work and chose to hide it. Sometimes you have to hide your successes because the system would just not be ready for you. The executive still produces music and performs for a small number of events. 


  • Wealthy: Interview with Chase Jarvis and Ryan Holiday. Wealthfront used to be called Kachingle, or however you spell it. Of course the cover of a book matters. You will judge it by that because that’s what it’s showing you. If you don't care to wear a suit then that's the impression you’ll give. It's how you utilize human psychology to market. First impressions mean a lot and even if that will materially impact a result you want, better think about the cover of your "book" because "they won't come if you build it".


  • Wise: Imposter syndrome. I didn't realize I was suffering for it until a mentor told me to "get my head out of my ass" and gave me some honest feedback. As an optimist and naturally confident person I never experienced this feeling before but it may also have been a result of my own lack of knowledge. As much as ignorance maybe bliss, it also results in foolish confidence. I think it may have been Buffet who advised running as far away from the person who could confidently tell you what the market would do. It's become a scary realization the more I've learned from the reading and conversations the more I realized I did not know. It may have been a constant thought in the back of my mind but it's when someone you trust confirms exactly what you were thinking that you can get your head straight to do the "work" you need to do to combat this feeling. Learning more will force you to be humble and the work will improve your conviction, or so I believe. 


  • Wealthy: "I can't define what common sense is, but I know it when I hear it. ~ The point is, if we can't trust a manager to use good judgment about such things, we sure as hell shouldn't be sending him off to do business in our name." - Ricardo Semler in his book Maverick


  • Wise: Thanks to you, my community, using my referral link for Morning Brew I got a trial of their "Light Roast" newsletter. I have no idea what the difference is, it just seems shorter and one on key topic. Apparently its some Sunday-only thing. Today's was on WeChat, China's all-inclusive app. It's an app that combines Facebook, imessage, apply/google pay, maps, uber, ubereats and just everything into one app. It's been like that for a while so my big learning was the US media just recently deciding to pick up on this. Long story short, China's digital infrastructure is way ahead of the US. With 1Bn active daily users they have 79% penetration. Facebook has 2.7Bn monthly users on its overall platform that uses at least one of the products. WeChat is moving into India, the next biggest market, for mobile payments and Facebook is preparing to duke it out with them. Thanks again for using my referral link to help me learn this, I'll try to share more next week. 


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