This Week I Learned #33

“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up”
— Charlie Munger


  • Wise: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." - Chinese Proverb


  • Wise: Robert Brunner's conversation with Chase Jarvis. From the man who set apple’s design culture and hired Johnny Ives. Brand is what people feel when interacting with what your company made. Not the product, the site, the interface or experience. The customer owns that feeling towards your brand and the best you can do is influence it.


  • Wealthy: A wonderful presentation on intelligent fanatics by Ian Cassel. The 4 attributes are: 1) Driven by mission greater than them 2) Long-term and strategic (10 year vision) 3) Lead by example 4) Culture is top priority. Mission is brought out by frustration, not greed. If their vision is for 10 years can you as the investor stick it through with them? Does their timeline match with yours? Management that talks too much rarely executes the same amount. Look for the "walk the talk". The truly sustainable competitive advantage is the human capital of the company.


  • Wealthy: Jim Pattison has probably become one of my favourite Canadian billionaires. First reason is that he is 5'6". Similar to Buffet, Pattison's investment philosophy has continued to evolve from a 'cigar bud' approach to one of investing in solid brands and considering the the power of intangibles. He lives a relatively stoic life for a billionaire with his pickup truck and continued site visits to his business empire to talk to customers and employees. A company with no HR department because why add on extra fat when he's effective with his small team? The man who treats everyday as a vacation because if you like work, it's not work.


  • Wealthy: A wonderful essay by the famed designed, Elle Luna on "Must" and "Should". Should are the things you do because it's what people expect it of you. What society thinks is the proper way. Must is that which you can't live your life without doing. Most choose to do what should be done rather than what must be done. Because for some odd reason, doing what must be done is way scarier and riskier. But embracing that jump and leap and integrating your work and life to only do the things you must is essential.


  • Wealthy: Learned about Croissant, an app that links you up with global co-working spaces in 50+ cities. With small co-working spaces popping up everywhere as work evolves to become more remote-first, a global platform becomes more attractive.



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