#54 - Rob Catalano, Co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango.

#54 - Rob Catalano, Co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango. Passion-Driven Journey to Bootstrap and Improve Work Lives.


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Join in for a conversation with Rob Catalano, Co-Founder and CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) at WorkTango. WorkTango is a HR software company based out of Toronto with a passion to improve work lives. Rob started out his career in the world of traditional marketing for consumer goods and quickly got interested in what drove human behaviour. He became one of the early employees at Achievers, the employee rewards program. This was not the master plan. Rob had left the marketing world to start his next venture but it was a fateful application to a bootstrapped startup he didn't know about that propelled a 10 year career into the world of HR and changing work places. After Achievers was acquired Rob had the choice of staying on as a C-suite executive with a very cushy compensation package but he left it to pursue his passion. He left Achievers with his co-founder to bootstrap WorkTango and it's been a 4 year journey of building a company with a passion, not a mission. We cover Rob's various inflection points in his journey, making tough but obvious decisions, and following a passion.

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