#48 - Marie Chevrier, Founder and CEO of Sampler.

#48 - Marie Chevrier, Founder and CEO of Sampler. Leading with Honesty, Leaping into the Unknown, and Recruiting Cheerleaders


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Join in for a conversation with Marie Chevrier, Founder and CEO of Sampler. Sampler is a Toronto-based startup on a mission to transform the way consumer packaged goods companies distribute product samples. Starting from creating her own idol competition in school to an OG hustler grandmother, Marie had planted the seeds to be an entrepreneur early. However, it would be at the crossroads of forgoing her London MBA and joining an incubator from a single cold email that would take her down the road to seven years in the startup world. Like many mission-driven entrepreneurs, Marie saw a problem that many CPG companies faced from her advertising days and she had found a way to transition that to what is Sampler today. But what many don't think about is the sudden move to New York, the sketchy apartment outside Harlem, the consulting days as she sketched and pitched the ideas for Sampler and the various ups and downs Marie had to persevere through to build a company focused on honesty.