#57 - Henry Shi, Co-Founder and CTO of SnapTravel.

#57 - Henry Shi, Co-Founder and CTO of SnapTravel. Leaping From The Google Sabbatical To Build A Global Travel Company.


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Join in for a conversation with Henry Shi, Co-Founder and CTO of SnapTravel. As the name implies, SnapTravel is a travel company headquartered in Toronto that creates a seamless experience for you to book your hotel accommodating through easy instant messaging apps. Henry and SnapTravel made the news rounds when they raised their Series A round with Golden State's Steph Curry and Henry's acceptance onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list. SnapTravel is Henry's third startup company after having created two others while at the University of Waterloo's Velocity student incubator and Canada's Next 36 program. After his first two startups Henry decided to take a startup sabbatical by getting a low stress job at Google. In our conversation we go through the learning Henry had from his first two startups, the decision behind working at Google, the early years of starting SnapTravel and the major mental model he uses for many of his decision making.

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