#50 - Drew Green, CEO of Indochino

#50 - Drew Green, CEO of Indochino. From Sports, Technology, Entrepreneurship to Building a Bespoke Suit Empire.


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Join in for a conversation with Drew Green, CEO of Indochino. Indochino is a Vancouver based bespoke suit company and it's actually where yours truly got his first bespoke suit as well! But enough about me. So how does one become the CEO of a fast growing suit company? Well, Drew started his journey as a kinesiology student with a love for basketball. He immediately took an entrepreneurial path to starting a personal training business which he later sold to travel the world and enter into the world of technology companies. A material influence to Drew's unique career journey has been Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, a fiction book like no other. I personally love this book as well and we go through the various elements of the book that influenced Drew on his journey and his current philosophies on business and life. Though this was a short interview we try to traverse through the very windy journey Drew went through from his athletic years to technology, his current focus with Indochino and more.