#52 - Ben Tam, Founder and CEO of Rizound.

#52 - Ben Tam, Founder and CEO of Rizound. Journey to Make Affordable Housing and PhD Education for Children a Reality.


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Join in for a conversation with Ben Tam, Founder and CEO of Rizound. Ben has been on his entrepreneurial journey for the last 7 years and he's on a mission to help each child get a PhD level education. Ben's passion for human development and education started from his childhood in Singapore. His original plan to make an impact through politics changed from his time at UBC where he studied political science and philosophy. This pushed him into an entrepreneurial journey in the financial market to start a quant fund, then moved into neuroscience, affordable housing and measuring emotions with facial data with Rizound. Our conversation touch upon various pivots and turns in Ben's wide ranging journey and interesting would be an understatement to the path he has taken.

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