OMD Ventures is a documentation company of Old Man Dan’s adVentures.

This blog is for those who:

  • Are open-minded. If not, my contrasting views on social conventions may annoy you.

  • Self-development is at the core. Competition with myself is the best.

  • Value life-long learning. This entire site is about being better than when you woke up.

  • Would rather be dead than be average. Growth requires breaking apart from status quo.

The purpose of this blog?

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”


Given there are billions of people living right now and there were billions before me, you'd be hard pressed to find any truly original thoughts here.

What you'll find is the culmination of the things I do on the journey to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Everything I write about as thought-piece essays or results from experiments I run has been inspired by someone else. Whether the medium be a book, podcast or conversation.

Hence this blog will be one channel where you may see my digestion of many ideas of others based on my personal interpretations and experiences. I hope to continue to build it out to create it into a personal encyclopedia as I live out my life. So remember to heed any advice or thought I give with caution, though I think my advice is pretty damn solid.

So you want to learn more?

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