"Dan what books/podcasts/interviews do you recommend?"

As my close friends know, I love to read (check out my growing book list). Some information provides better turn for time when in article form so I digest those too. I don't listen to music (except at the gym) and fill up my transit with podcasts. I probably go through about 7 podcasts episodes a week on average. As much as I love watching reruns of Friends I prefer to fill up my visual stimulation with interviews on Youtube to learn something new. I'm obsessed with using my time to learn as much as I can. It's weird and manic behaviour to most.

Go to bed smarter than when you woke up
— Charlie Munger

I've decided to take this literally and dedicate time everyday to learn something new. I then thought, it would be cool to share one thing I learned everyday with like-minded people. The internet is massive and some folks may not have an existing network to start their learning from. 

So I decided to include my daily learnings into a form of weekly newsletter. 

Called: "This Week I Learned..."

So now you'll have 7 learnings at your fingertips. You can read all 7 or just one. Doesn't matter how many. What matters is that you learned something this week. Life is a game of inches after all. 

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