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How do you Learn, Think and Execute?

At a higher level, I think most jobs, roles, positions, occupations etc... have three major buckets where all activities would be slotted into: Learning, Thinking and Executing. 

Every job has components of it that fit under one of those three buckets but the amount of time one spends doing activities in each bucket will vary. Not to mention, how one goes about learning, thinking and executing will vary per role as well. 

What am I getting at? 

Well, here are some point of views from my professional experience as an auditor, consultant and investor. 

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Are We Walking Blind?

Without knowing who YOU are, are you not practically walking blind? Given life is a journey, whose journey are you on if you don't even know yourself? Finding out who you are is definitely no easy task. Then isn't that the road you should walk? The road to find who you are? If you don't then you are practically just helping someone else build their own road.

I mean, isn't that what every person who is an employee is doing? You are getting paid to essentially build out someone else's dream/goal/whatever higher-calling. Now there is nothing wrong with being an employee, especially since apprenticeship is a necessary step to achieve mastery in something.

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