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Forced Terminations to Disengage Autopilot and Complacency in Organizations

See, for most people, if they were not forced out, they would never quit or leave. Some call this life-time job security. I think this is the death spiral.

As a system is the whole of parts, individualistic implosion from such a spiral will result in a systematic failure in organizations as a whole.

Needless to say, a system needs stressors.

It is in that thought process that I write about the value of termination.

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Why organizations will lose their high performers. Revelations of factors to motivation and flow state among employees

Over a six-week period, I ran a project with seven individuals. I pitched to them that we would work to find out who they were, where they were at in their life now and where they wanted to go. They were told this project would involve a series of talk therapy sessions and have them perform individual reflective activities as homework for the duration. 

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