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How I broke into the buy-side without a traditional background.

The road to getting an investing job is not straight forward, not instant and not easy. You know what they say: "Nothing worth having comes easy."

I've been getting a number of inquiries into how I managed to get a public equity investing job without doing any time in the sell-side, having a CFA, a finance major or having had a hedge fund uncle teach me about stocks at age 13.

In this essay I not only hope to tell you a story of my own personal journey to shed some light on the process but also share learnings that may be applicable to all kinds of career journeys.

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Retirement. A word too often heard. Commonly associated with emotions of desire for those seeking it, envy for those that have announced it before you and sadness for those that have achieved it years ago. 

Has this word been part of the human society since the beginning? What did our ancestors of ancient times do? Let's explore that a little shall we?

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