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Buying Time

This is a conversation I had with myself as I introspected after I quit my first job in accounting. It was one of many different conversations. But it was one with my lustful relationship for money. 

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Valuing Your Intangibles

Let's not forget about Taxes!

Yet, it seems common for folks to ignore the 2 certainties. Well, except the ultra-rich corporations and individuals who do whatever they can to avoid taxes. 

But shouldn't we all look at everything on an after-tax basis?

Despite bankers and investors looking at businesses based on pre-tax metrics like Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), the money the company gets to retain and give back to shareholders (i.e. dividends and buybacks) or grow externally (i.e. acquisitions) uses after-tax money. Of course, companies growing organically will get to use pre-tax profits to fund their internal growth so may not even have any taxable corporate income (i.e. Amazon). Sooner or later though, they will need to utilize other options to grow or generate value for shareholders and that after-tax profit will be important. Why else would the big tech companies like Google and Apple be setting up offices in tax havens like Ireland or Luxembourg?

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Waking Up When the World is Asleep

The 21 Early Days Challenge

“What is wrong with you?”, “Why would you do that to yourself?”, “What could that possibly do for you?” were some of first things friends and coworkers would say to me once I told them I was doing this challenge. I first learned of the challenge through a TED talk featuring Filipe Castro Matos. The challenge was simple: wake up at 4:30am for 21 days. So why do it? To get my life on track, follow the habits of great CEOs in the hopes I get some of their fairy dust, optimize my life, and just challenge the “norm”.

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