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What is insulin and why does it matter? My interpretation and use.

Why do we exercise? Why do we eat healthy? Why is breakfast important? Why do you fast? 

Fitness and diet trends are everywhere. Some are mere fads, some have merit, some need more time to be proven out. 

One word that keeps popping up as having been the beneficiary of so many of the above questions is insulin. But I admit I don't really know that much about the hormone. Is insulin sensitivity good or not? What's resistance? What the hell does insulin do?

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Decision making, discipline and the limited f***s you can give.

For: You who live in the guilt of not doing something productive in "what should be" your time of recharge. You know "quality > quantity" but the ease and lure of quantity is so hard to resist. 

I don't believe pulling all-nighters and outrageous hours are required to achieve great outcomes. I really doubt all 18 or 20 hours of that day are "quality" hours. I'd actually consider it to be a breakdown in the system for it shows a lack of effectiveness and a clear miss in prioritization. 

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Compounding. Underrated? Seems to be Ignored.


Most have heard it's the 8th wonder. It's essentially utilizing time effectively to grow. Though, evidently, many seem to ignore it for they forgo even starting. I'd say starting (ASAP) is truly important for it to take effect. 

The most common use of the word "compounding" in everyday conversations is in reference to investing (thank you robo-advising ads from Wealth<Enter Minimalist/Innovative Lingo Here>). Obviously, to start investing one must first save. 

"No shit Sherlock!"

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