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Learning from the silver-haired folks at the gym

People say wisdom comes with age. Decades of learning via experience probably helps with obtaining that wisdom. That can come to form in many ways like advanced knowledge in a particular field. The elusive "silver-hair" is associated with knowledge, expertise, experience and all kinds of positive factors that lead to "trust". Whether it's in obtaining funding to start your own fund or selling services, the business world looks for age. The bias is there. Where it isn't commonly sought after is in the gym. 

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Overcoming Obstacles

Eat your vegetables! Climb that hill! Go train at the gym! 

You know it's good for you. But taking that first bite of that broccoli head can be really tough. You look at that spinach and it just hurts your taste buds. As you can tell, I'm not vegetarian... furthest from it. 

But after a bite of that spinach. It's okay. It's bearable. Now it's part of your morning smoothie. Like climbing hills, the first one is hard but the others that come after it? Eh, not so hard. You've done it before already. I have the eating habits of an eight-year-old so you may not be able to relate here. 

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Dealing with Rejection

No, doesn't mean never. Just means not right now. I swear this is a quote from someone famous. 

Rejection is always tough. Sometimes such rejection is for good reason. It just never feels like it. I swear, when I struck out on my management consulting interviews I thought my world had ended. I mean, you'd think after 3 months of networking to get 3 interviews at the top firms you'd be set... guess not. Yet, my world didn't end. It continued operating like any other day. It was another day to squat and deadlift.

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