Value Investing to People Development

Building Systems For a High Performing Organization Buffet & Munger Would Love to Own

A Journey With Systems

I became a value investor like Charlie Munger & Warren Buffet thanks to an obsession with creating systems to challenge conventions. I learned the power of systematic discipline as a fat, unathletic teenager turned junior world champion with two world records in powerlifting. This 10-year journey required peak physical and mental performance, including coming back stronger from a knee surgery where the doctor said I wouldn't be able to compete at my former level. Professionally, I built systems to outperform at the top firms in accounting, management consulting and investing. As an accountant, this systematic discipline condensed 5 years of learning to <12 months as I left the field as a 20 year-old managing 25 year-olds for the firm's major clients. As a consultant, I earned the fastest promotion, the most diverse project experience and found a way to become a chartered accountant. As a global investor, I deployed $500M+ within the first few months to businesses I identified an edge in without having a finance or investing background.

Marrying Value Investing & Human Performance

My passion for human performance and investing constantly drew me to invest in and study iconoclastic CEOs who prioritized investing in their people. Through radical self-inquiry, I learned my systems of optimizing performance followed the same principles of value investing for individual companies. This led to a mission to combine both passions to help build amazing companies I wouldn't only want to own for decades but one where I could help high performers develop systems to optimize their own performance.

Bottom-Up Approach To Organization Design

Value investors construct a portfolio with a bottom-up analysis of each individual company. Similarly, I believe helping each high performing individual to develop their own systems to optimize their performance to be healthy, wealthy and wise is the start to creating an organization that lasts, and eventually thrives.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself
— Leo Tolstoy

To build systems that motivate and incentivize people to think and act like owners, the organization must first earn the trust of its people and understand what drives them. There is no "get trust fast" option and it all starts with coaching each individual to help them understand who they are and what drives them. The organization's investment in such individual performance coaching is one step to earning trust.

From the performance coaching, I will be able to work with leaders to build, test and implement processes that will uniquely apply to the company and its people. Organization systems will be built as a result of a gap/obstacle that hinders the people's ability to optimize their performance.

Relationship With Coachees

  • 1-on-1 Coaching with individuals. Restriction on mindset vs. what they do. Only work with those who are coachable.

  • Work with 10 - 30 individuals at a time depending on capacity.

  • Partnership coaching model of partaking the journey side by side. I don’t tell you what to do or lead you with answers.

Relationship With Organization

  • The priority is to build a long-term partnership with a company I can be a dedicated professional at. I don't care for labels like contractor, consultant or employee. The most important thing is the ability to work together for years, align incentives, and be willing to patiently invest.

  • I think the first step would be to try working together for 3 months. Let's see if we could be a fit together.

Historic Work Archive

  • Research papers on Quantifying Return on People (applauded by Prof. Dan Ariely and Stephen Shedletzky of Simon Sinek Inc.) and Motivational Factors in High Performers

  • Strength coach of university men’s varsity football and volleyball teams

  • Seminar on improving decision making via environment construction and nutrition with large multi-billion dollar hedge fund

  • Designed effective meeting program for HR-Tech company to be deployed with their Fortune 500 clients

  • Introspection coaching for high performers in various roles (i.e. quant trader, engineer, designer, consultant, accountant)


If this sounds interesting for you I would love to start a conversation around how we could work together. Nothing is set in stone and the structure are merely guidelines so don’t be afraid to reach out. You can contact me at the link below or email me: daniel at omdventures dot com.